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Jeannette Ancer Art

Jeannette Áncer

Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo


Plastic artist, Mexican born in Linares, NL

Inspired by the feeling of life, passionate about the different shapes, colors and textures that exist in nature and that can express and transmit emotions. Self-taught and creative, she experiences and discovers new things in each creative process. Dedicated to Contemporary Art, participating in national, international and Biennial exhibitions. Member of the Art Society of Alumni of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. She studied Marketing at ITESM graduated in 1988 with Honorable Mention of Excellence. Art Courses and Workshops in Illinois, E.E.U.U., 1984 and with various Artists from the country including Master Fernando Cervantes. In addition, he participates in the Mexican Design Studio 2020 in Mexico City and in the Art auctions at the MARCO Museum "Al Encuentro de lo Sensible" for four consecutive years since 2016 and at the Nuevo Amanecer Institute in San Pedro Garza García in 2020 and 2021.


International Comissions:

Nappa Valley, CA

Houston, TX

San Antonio, TX



Cultural Institute of Mexico "Urban Foundations" (San Antonio, TX)

Cultural Institute of Contemporary Mexico "Images of the Interior" (Historic Center of Mexico City, Mexico City)

House of Culture of San Pedro Garza García "Annual Prize for Plastic Arts" (San Pedro, NL)

Il Bienal de Arte ExaTec, Centro Cultural Arte AC


Member of the Plastic Association, Exhibition "One of each ..." (San Pedro, NL)

MUSAN, Exhibition "One of each ..." (Monterey, NL)

Metropolitan Museum of Monterey, Women Expo Tour  

Centro Financiero Banamex "At the Encounter of the Sensitive" Mexican Red Cross Art Exhibition (Monterrey, NL)

Casa Gotxikoa "Art with Cause Capacity without Limit" (Monterrey, NL)

House of Culture Annual Exhibition (San Pedro, NL)

House of Culture "In Sleep and Wake" (Santiago, NL)

El Blanqueo de Santa Catarina Industrial Museum "Desires"

Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey "The Color of Time"  

Destellos de Luz ABP "Destellos Yucatecos" (Monterrey, NL)

Art Sales Expo-Mexican Red Cross / Centro Financiero Banamex  from 2015 to date.


Iron Palace (2008/2009)

Exhibition and sale of works in some shops in the town (San Pedro Garza García, NL, 2010)

Exhibition Sale of Painting, Sculpture and Crafts Red Cross (2010-2014)

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